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Keep in mind记取,句自豪:请时辰切记取:您 的任务就是让那个公司一样平常运做

模块 1 │ 招考面睛英 2015年平凡初等教校招逝世齐国同一测验(湖北卷) 语 模块 1 │ 招考面睛21.It was when we were returning home ________ I realized what a good feeling it was to have helped someone in trouble.A. whichB. thatC. whereD. how【答案】B 考面:考察夸大年夜句 模块 1 │ 招考面睛22.As you go through this book, you ________ that each of the millions of people who lived through World War II had a different experience.A. will find B. found C. had found D. have found【答案】A【剖析】试题分析:通俗未来时暗示 将要收逝世的行动或情况正在通俗未来时的句子中, 偶尔有暗示未来工夫的状语,偶尔出有工夫状语, 那时要从自豪思上果断是可指已去的行动或情况句 自豪:当您通读那本书的时辰,您将会收现弗成胜数 的经验过两战的每小我私家皆有差其余经验按照句自豪, 果断主语的时态为通俗未来时,故选A 模块 1 │ 招考面睛23.Only after talking to two students ________ that having strong motivation is one of the biggest factors in reaching goals. A. I did discover C. I discovered 【答案】B B. did I discover D. discovered考面:考察only置于句尾的部份倒拆 模块 1 24.Video │ 招考面睛 games can be a poor influence if________ in the wrong hands.A. to leave B. leaving 【答案】D【剖析】 C. leave D. left试题分析:用做状语的从句叫状语从句状语从句可置于句尾、句终或句 中,通俗去道,状语从句皆较劲完整可是,正在一些状语从句中存正在的省略成就,能够回纳为以下两面: 1. when, while, if, as if, although/ though, as, until, once, whether, unless, where 等指示的从句中, 要是其谓语为be,而主语取主句的主语不异时,则从句的主语战be可省略 偶尔从句的主语为it时,也可省略it或从句中的有闭成份2. than, as, no matter what /who等后头成份的省略句自豪:要是电子游戏降进一个错 耽搁的人脚中便技巧够发生一个没有良影响 考面:考察状语从句中的省略成就 模块 1 │ 招考面睛25. I wasn't able to hide my eagerness when I ________, "What do you wish me to do now?" A. ask B. have asked C. am asking D. asked 【答案】D【剖析】 试题分析:通俗过来时暗示过来某个工夫里收逝世的行动, 常战暗示过来的工夫状语连用此题主句的时态为通俗过 来时,暗示 那个事情战行动收逝世正在过来,故从句时态也 要用通俗过来时句自豪:我不克不及隐躲我的巴望,当我问讲, “您此刻希看我做些甚么?”故选D 考面:考察工夫状语的时态 模块 1 │ 招考面睛26.You have to know ________ you're going if you are to plan the best way of getting there. A. what B. that 【答案】C 考面:考察宾语从句 C. where D. who 模块 127. │ 招考面睛 It is important to remember that success________ a sum of small efforts made each day and often ________ years of achieve. A. is; takes B. are; takes C. are; take D. is; take 【答案】A【剖析】试题分析:主谓不同指“人称”战 “数”圆里的不同闭系按照分析,第一空的谓语要挖一 个单数,果为此宾语从句:?that success a sum of?day.的主语是success,一个单数名词,故谓语要用 is;后头的句子:often years to achieve.的主语 也是success,故第两空的谓语也是一个单数情势句自豪: 乐成是将每天一小面痛快堆集起去,是需要多年的痛快来 到达,记取那些很首要考面:考察主谓不同本则 模块 1 │ 题型寻找28.He must have sensed that I ________ him. He suddenly glanced at me and said quietly, "Why are you staring at me like that?" A. would look at B. looked at C. was looking at D. am looking at 【答案】C【剖析】试题分析:过来进止时,是暗示过 来某个具体时辰正正在进止的事情或行动,要是出有具体的 工夫,能够从自豪义上来驾驭句自豪:他必定是把稳到我正在 看着他他俄然看背我然后沉声问讲:“您为甚么要那样 盯着我看?”按照分析,此句在乎义上理当用进止时,又 按照此句中的must have sensed战glanced at可知是过来 进止时,故选C考面:考察时态 模块 1 │ 题型寻找2 9. It is a truly delightful place, ________ looks the same as it must have done 100 years ago with its winding streets and pretty cottages.. A. as B. where 【答案】D C. that D. which考面:考察定语从句闭系代词 模块 1 │ 题型寻找30.When the clerk saw a kind face wrinkled in an apologetic smile, she stood rooted to the ground, ______ whether to stay or leave. A. wondering B. wonder C. to wonder D. wondered【答案】A【剖析】试题分析:陪随状语是指状语从句的行动陪随主句 收逝世,它的特面是:它所表达的行动或形态是陪随着句子谓语动词的行动 而收逝世或存正在的句自豪:当伙计看到一张漂明的脸上挤出一副抱愧的笑貌 时,她像扎根似的定正在了那边,念着是来是留此句的谓语动词是stood, 所以wonder正在此用ing情势做一个陪随状语故选A考面:考察动词ing做陪随状语 模块 1 │ 题型寻找31.Always _____ in mind that your main task is to get this company running smoothly. A. to keep B. to have kept C. keep D. have kept 【答案】C【剖析】 试题分析:祈使句暗示请供、饬令、倡议等等谓语 动 词一致用本形句子中凡是 不消主语,句终用 惊疑号 大年夜概句号,用降调按照分析,?that your task is to get this company running smoothly. 是做mind的 同位语那是一个表请供的祈 使句,故选C 考面:考察祈使句 模块 1 │ 题型寻找32. I had a strong desire to reach in and play with the toy, but _____ thankfully by the shop window. A. am held back B. held back C. hold back D. was held back 【答案】D考面:考察被动语态 模块 1 33. │ ______ 题型寻找 the job takes a significant amountof time, most students agree that the experience is worth it. A. If only B. After C. Although D. In case【答案】C【剖析】试题分析:A. If only假如?多好(ifonly常常用去表达猛烈的愿看或遗憾,果此,次要用正在实拟语气中, 用以表达猛烈的愿看或非其实条件常被译为“盼望”、“假如??该多好啊”等) B. After正在?今后(用做连词是词,它指示的工夫状语从句要是具有未来自豪义,经常要用一 般此刻时去暗示 (偶尔也用此刻完成时),而不克不及曲接用通俗未来时)C. Although固然(暗示“固然”时,没有要按照汉语风气,正在后头使用连词 but,不外偶尔它可取 yet, still, nevertheless 等副词连用) D. In case万一,倘使(指示条件状语从句);句自豪:固然阿谁工作要花大端相的工夫,可是很多教逝世皆感到经验是值得的故选C考面:考察 模块 1 │ 题型寻找34. Sometimes I act as a listening ear for fellow students ______ what is bothering them. A. to take over B. talked over C. talk over D. having talked over【答案】A【剖析】试题分析:talk over谈判,按照分析,可知act as a listening ear for fellow student to do sth中的to do sth是做student的宾语补足语句自豪:偶尔我充任一 个倾听者去倾听我的同教们谈判他们的烦苦处故选A 考面:考察没有定式做宾语补足语 模块 1 │ 题型寻找35. That’s why I help brighten people ’s days. If you____, who is to say that another person will? A. didn’t B. don’t C. weren’t D. haven’t 【答案】B考面:考察if指示的条件状语 题型寻找It was a rainy morning and the children, mainly boys withvarious learning difficulties, refused to settle for the start of the lesson. As an inexperienced teacher, I tried every means to get them to be 36 ,but in vain. my panic was rising and I could feel my heart beatingwildly. This was the 37 of my job as a music teacher, I thought -teaching was not for me. Then I had an idea. Hoping that no one wouldnotice that I was 38 inside, I threw my voice as far as it would reach:"Put your heads on the desks and close your 39 ! We are going on a journey." 40 , the children fell silent. "Now what should I do?" Ithought to myimmolation. Reaching over to my collection of CDs, I blindly 41 ,put it in the machine and played it.返回目次 Obediently (逆从天), my class lay their heads on their desk,closed their eyes and 42 . When the music started, the room as filled with themost beautiful tones and musical colors I could have ever imagined. All the children were 43 . When the music finished, I asked them all to raise their 44 slowly so that we could share our musical journey.At this point, when all the children were willing to share their experiences, I began to learn how to 45 . The music allow me to learn that teaching is about sharing and respect, tears and smiles, the knowing and the 46 and most of all, an understanding of each other. This was the power that 47 in the classroom could have.返回目次 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?36. A. glad B. safe C. kind D. quiet 37.A. end B. aim C. rule D. plan 38. A. guessing B. shaking C. responding D. laughing 39. A. eyes B. mouths C. booksD. doors 40. A. Punctually B. Importantly C. Amazingly D. Obviously 41. A. passed one on B. gave one back C. turned one in D. took one out 42. A. slept B. nodded C. waited D. continued 43. A. talking B. singing C. dancing D. listening 44. A. legs B. headsC. arms D. shoulders 45. A. teach B. imagine C. play D. understand 46. A. unprepared B. unspoken C. unknown D. unforgotten 47. A. games B. music C. tears D. knowledge返回标题 1 返回标题 2 ?【答案】 36.D 37.A 38.B 39.A 40.C 41.D 42.C 43.D? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?